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Test Bench 0.12


See previous 0.11 changelog.


 Photo Raw Noise (Modified)

  • Removed ISO-based noise measurements
  • Removed the noise vs ISO graph
  • Added a noise scene
  • Added a noise vs exposure time graph
  • Added exposure time-based noise measurements

Previous box:

 New, modified box:

Photo Features (Removed)

  • Removed the photo feature tests
  • Moved the fastest shutter speed test to the body box

 Removed Box:

 Photo JPEG Noise (Removed)

  • Removed the Photo JPEG Noise tests and scores

 Removed Box:


 Test Scene Pictures Download (Removed)

  • Removed the Test Scene Pictures download box

 Removed Box:


Usage Ratings

  • Updated Travel, Landscape, and Sport & Wildlife Photography usage scores with the new tests and changes.

34 Cameras Updated So Far

We are retesting popular models first. So far, the test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.

45 Cameras Planned To Be Updated

We are also planning to retest the following products over the course of the next few weeks: